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Blackjack is the game most people prefer to play. The object of the game is simple, beat the total of the dealer's hand without going over 21. All that matters is the numerical values of the cards themselves. Here's how you count those values:   Kings, Queens, Jacks, 1Os = 10,  2-9 = Face value  Ace = 1 or 11. 

The Game: After all bets have been placed, Blackjack players are dealt two face up cards and the dealer receives one card face up and one face down or the 'hole card). Each player, is now offered the option to draw additional cards or stand . If a blackjack player draws cards that total more than 21 points, he or she automatically loses. When all Blackjack players hands have been decided, the dealer will turn over the hole card and stand or draw.

If the dealer's cards total 16 or less , the dealer must draw. If the total is 17 or more, the dealer must stand. The Blackjack dealer has no choice in the matter. If the total of the dealer's cards exceeds 21 then all bets remaining on the table will win. In all other cases the blackjack dealer will pay the bets on hands which exceed his total, take all bets on hands with lower totals and leave all bets on hands with an equal total.  You win when you draw cards that total closer to 21 than those held by the Blackjack dealer. And you will collect one-and-one-half times the amount of your bet if your first two cards total 21 (an ace with any ten value card).

Most of the time your total is going to fall shy of 21. In this case you may either 'hit' or 'stand.' If you want another card, click  'hit' and the dealer will oblige. You 'hit' when you feel your hand needs more points to be competitive. But if that next card takes you over 21 points, you go 'broke.' 

Insurance: 'INSURANCE PAYS 2 TO l' means that when the dealer's face up card is an Ace. This bet is offered to any Blackjack player who wishes to insure against the dealer's hand being a "Blackjack." If any player wishes to insure against the dealer's hand being a "Blackjack" they must place an additional bet on the Insurance Line of up to half their original bet. This lets you protect yourself against that possibility to the extent of one-half your original wager. In effect, you're betting the dealer has the Blackjack. If he or she actually does, you're paid 2-to-1.

Doubling Down: At certain points in the game it is to the player's advantage to increase his bet. He does this by placing an amount which may be less than, or equal to (but may not exceed) the original stake, behind his initial bet. This process is called "Doubling Down." A player may do so on any two cards except when the total equals 21, or "Blackjack". When "Doubling Down" a player receives only one more card. If the dealer gets a "Blackjack," only the original bet will lose.

Splitting Pairs:
If a Blackjack player's first two cards have the same point value, they can be split into two separate hands by placing an additional bet of the same value. 
The player will now decide whether to stand or draw additional cards to this hand (split Aces receive just one more card). Once the first split hand has been completed the Blackjack dealer will continue dealing to the second split card. All pairs may be split again, up to a maximum of three times, for a total of four hands.
NOTE : When splitting Aces, a two card 21 is not a "Blackjack." A player may "Double Down" on any split hand, as explained in the previous section. When splitting pairs, as with "Doubling Down", if the dealer gets a "Blackjack," only the original bet will lose.

There are a number of sites that offer state-of-the-art Blackjack software. This free professional Blackjack software is amongst the best.


Blackjack .  An original hand containing an Ace and a 10-value card (10, Jack, Queen or King) totaling '21.' Pays 3-2.

Broke or Bust. Going over '21' with additional cards drawn to the original hand.

Hard Total. A hand with no Aces or where the Ace is counted as '1.' Example, a King-9 counts as a hard '19.'

Hit or Draw. : Adding cards to your hand. Signal the Blackjack dealer by making a slight movement toward you with your original two cards or a hand signal on face-up games.

Natural. A Blackjack dealt with the original two cards.

Push. You tie the Blackjack dealer. Neither of you wins.

Soft Total.  A hand with an Ace that counts as an '11.' Example, an Ace-9 counts as a soft

Stand. You like your hand as it is. 

Stiff.  Any hand that could 'bust' by adding one more card; for example, a hard '12-16.'

Upcard. The face up card in the Blackjack dealer's original hand.

Now play Blackjack like a pro, win cash, and have fun!